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He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.
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There are many benefits to doggie daycare for both you and your furry friend! Lead Me On has many options available for all schedules and pet needs.

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Why should you train your dog?

The benefits of having a trained dog are nearly limitless! From the moment you get your new puppy or dog, here's a run-down of just some of the advantages and benefits:

  • Puppy classes provide the opportunity for getting your new family member started off right.
  • Puppy classes provide the experiences and opportunities for your puppy to develop interaction skills with other puppies, with people, and in new environments.
  • Puppy socialization has been found to be critical for thee psychological health of adult dogs.
  • Training classes provide dog owners the skills and knowledge for dealing with common normal dog behaviors starting with puppy behaviors such as house training and chewing.
  • No matter what age you start training your dog, foundation training provides the basis for any activity, behavior or job you want your dog to do.
  • Training provides dogs with the basic good manners we all want from polite greeting when guest arrive, to walking nicely on the leash, to coming when called.
  • A trained dog is a fully participating member of the family. What a gift for all of you!
  • A trained dog joins in the fun when company comes, accompanies the family to the kids sports games, goes with you to visit friends and relatives, goes for hikes, swims, and everything else the family does together.
  • And most importantly: Training has been shown to be the single most important thing that keeps a dog in his/her "forever home"!

About the Trainer

Certified Trainer Stephanie Dom

In 2002, I left corporate America to go after my dream. I went back to school for dog training and kennel management. After I graduated I started Lead Me On in 2003. Since graduating, I attend seminars, lectures & workshops every year to continue my education and to keep up with the latest training techniques. My goal as a trainer is to educate my clients and give them real solutions to help them in their training efforts. With the use of balance training, I have trained 100’s of dogs in Cambria, Somerset and Indiana Co. Since each dog is unique and responds differently, we will design a training program specific to your needs. My clients know I am always just a phone call or email away. You can always count on us to train your dog with the love and compassion we would give our own.
Ever since I was a child, animals have always been a part of my life. Growing up by a dairy farm I would visit the farm daily and watched as the cows were milked and would visit with all the animals. Now as an adult, I share my home with my husband Wyatt, 2 sons, Cameron and Austin and 6 animals, 4 dogs, and 2 cats. Training to me is not a job, but something I love to do! How many people can say they play with dogs all day!


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  1. Bob & Judy says:

    Wyatt graduated from Stephanie’s training on August 5, 2014. Prior to training we would walk him in the neighbourhood and around the Westwood shopping center. He would lunge and bark at every car, person or other dog. This became impossible. We were ready to give up walking him. After training his has become well behaved on his walks and he looks forward to his daily walks. As an eleven month old Sheltie he still has other training issues that Stephanie has given us instruction. We are working on these issues. Wyatt loved Stephanie. She is a true dog lover!! We highly recommend her services.

  2. Natalie says:

    Stephanie has been helping me with my German Shepherd, Milo. He’s a very sweet dog, but extremely territorial and dog aggressive. In 5 classes we had him out in the streets walking by a bunch of other dogs, children riding on bicycles and numerous other situations I thought he couldn’t handle. He was heeling beautifully, we even had many people comment on how well trained he was (What?? My dog?!!??!)! She also taught me how to safely bring people into my home without him becoming territorial. This past weekend I had a small party at my home, everyone was initially scared of him because he’s a GSD, but by the end of the night they all fell in love with him! He is still a work in progress and I cannot wait to see where he will be after another 5 classes with Stephanie!!

  3. Beth Shank says:

    I was struggling with a Giant Schnauzer puppy, jumping on everyone, stealing things from the counters, and having accidents in the house. Lexi was walking me when and if I took her out. Stephanie taught me how to handle this 70 lb. puppy and also taught me to understand how the dog was feeling as well. She showed me what to look for and how to become the “Boss” instead of being “Bossed” After 6 training sessions with Stephanie, Lexi now knows how to sit, stay, heel and even shake. She looks forward to her walk everyday and it is truly enjoyable for me as well. She also knows that the counter tops are off limits!! Thank You Stephanie, we so much appreciate everything you taught us. Lexi and I both love and miss you :))

  4. Justine and Josh says:

    Stephanie helped us so much with our German Shepherd, Maya. Maya is a rescue with fear aggression issues who had no manners. Stephanie helped us understand Maya’s behavior and offered solutions to make her a happy member of the family. We are now able to invite visitors into our home and go on stress free walks thanks to Stephanie’s hard work and guidance. Thanks! 😀

  5. Jennifer and Jared Kenda says:

    Our dog Ryot was fairly well behaved however he pulled while walking on a leash and would not go down the basement stairs. After our first meeting Ryot walked down the stairs all by himself like he had never been afraid. Stephanie taught us how to work with Ryot to get him walking nicely and although he was very stubborn she didn’t give up! At our last meeting he was heeling and walking nicely like he had been doing it is whole life. We very much appreciate Stephanie’s help and have already referred a few friends to her! She is very knowledgeable about training and Ryot loved her! I think he was actually upset to see her go! Thanks again Stephanie!

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